About Brent

I went to my very first Open Mic night at Comedy Off 421196_10152885648220008_1125075651_nBroadway in Lexington, KY in the fall of 2011, just before my first kid was born.  It was glorious, amazing, awful, horrible, and I’m really glad there is no video evidence of it.  But in the end, I was hooked.  Of course, trying to start anything that requires you being out late at night several nights a week just as your wife is about to give birth is always a good idea.

However, I’ve managed to keep priorities straight and still get to the mics, clubs, and other shows.  Over the years, I’ve been offered several great opportunities, been able to hone my new found craft, and develop a respectable set.  Enough that it gets me invited to do my ‘thang at clubs, conferences, and churches all around the midwest and SouthEast.  And I’ve even to be able to run my own shows, from crappy open mics in the most10500542_10154910323060008_7296051347609126668_n.jpgglorious of seedy bars to fully ticketed theater shows on major holidays.

I love giving people the opportunity to laugh, and hope to see you at one of my shows soon.  Give me a call or shoot me an email if you’re interested in me coming to do a show for you.

-Brent Allen